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About Us

The Working Kansas Alliance is a coalition of union and non-union groups dedicated to protecting the rights of the hard working Kansas families that fuel our State’s economy at every turn. WKA works tirelessly to ensure that Kansas workers are given a strong voice in the Kansas Legislature and that their rights, wages, and jobs are protected from the attacks being aimed at them by the anti-worker agenda being carried out in the Capitol. Our mission is to advocate for and promote policy solutions which strengthen working families and their Kansas communities.

We believe working families are, and have historically been, the lifeblood of the Kansas economy. Policy agendas pursued by our Legislature have left working families facing stagnant or declining wages, increasing benefit costs, skyrocketing property and consumption taxes, and an underfunded infrastructure. These decisions are irresponsible and unsustainable, and abandon government’s duty to act in the best interest of the state and its citizenry. We believe prosperity and progress for working people can return to Kansas, but only if lawmakers fulfill their duty to invest in Kansas and its citizens through quality education, health care and community services.

We strive for a Kansas where working people, both the public and private sector, have safe and healthy working conditions, earn wages and benefits sufficient to sustain a family and provide for a secure retirement, and have access to high quality schools, health care, community services, and a safe and secure communication and transportation infrastructure. Collectively, our member organizations represent over 500,000 working Kansans.

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